Tuesday, June 3

Santorini, Greece

(see on map) mike: We were very excited for my parent's visit. Not just because it had been a long time since we had seen them but their trip was very much at the mercy of the doctor's medical treatment plans for my dad's colon cancer. It was discovered during a colonoscopy a couple of weeks prior to our departure and he underwent colon resection surgery just days before we left. This was followed by chemotherapy then lung surgery to remove additional tumors. All and all, both my dad and nurse mom are doing amazingly well. We decided that Santorini, a Greek Island in the Aegean Sea, was a perfect place for some well deserved recuperation and quality family time.

Santorini was once a huge island until a volcanic eruption around 1600BC created its present day backwards "C" shape and enormous caldera. Several towns are spread along the top ridge all with white washed stucco houses and blue domed churches spilling down the hillside towards the sea. We rented a house (enticingly referred to as a "villa") in the most northern most town of Oia (pronounced ee-ah).

The distant towns look like fresh snow.

Renting a house instead of two hotel rooms was ideal. The common space facilitated a lot of hanging out, eating home cooked meals, enjoying the caldera views, playing dominos and catching up.

Oia at night.

This island is amazingly photogenic.

Trin sporting Santorini camouflage.

My dad went to work helping a thirsty plant near our place.

The entire island descends on Oia, literally by the bus load, for sunset shots.

The four nights were awesome, though they flew by. Tomorrow we will return to Athens for a rushed city tour.

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