Saturday, June 14

Tokyo, Japan

(see on map) - trin: We had intended to see both Tokyo and Kyoto while in Japan but we were having such a great time that we decided not to rush it and spent the whole week in Tokyo. As of today, it wins the Best Big City Award of the trip. So, for this entry we're going to change it up a bit and list the TOP TEN REASONS Mike and Trin Love Tokyo.

10. Public Transportation

9. The Japanese do not feed pigeons.

I absolutely hate walking through a sea of pigeons and when I see people feeding them and letting them land on their heads. It totally grosses me out.

8. Crazy Fast Internet

10x faster than home

7. High Tech Toilets

Heated seats and more...

6. Vending Machines & Plastic Food Displays

The vending machines are everywhere and the selection of goods is amazing.

Ordering sushi from a vending machine at 7am.

5. Japanese Gardens

Imperial Palace Gardens

My favorite, blue hydrangeas.

Hama-rikyu Gardens

4. Free Sights

Many of the sky scrappers have free observation decks where you can take in the city from above. Plus, there are often restaurant and you don't have to pay a premium for the view. They're just regular restaurant.

Imperial Palace Gate

Daily Fish Market Auction. The bidding starts early. We got there at 6am and caught the last few rounds.

Asajusa. Visitors making their way to Sensoji Temple.

Mike yucking it up for the camera at Sensoji Temple.

Side-story: Shortly after this picture was taken. A shy teenage girl asked Mike "can I have my picture with you?" He said "sure." She handed me the camera and then eight of her friends jumped into the picture too. We don't know who they thought he was and I am still kicking myself for not taking a shot with our camera. I am just not use to being a celebrity's wife.

3. No sights needed. Just walking around in Tokyo is interesting.

Fry's of Japan. Eight stories of anything and everything to do with electronics.

Stopping in at an arcade for little Street Fighter II action.

Mike is a little rusty.

Shinjuku district at night. We kept having to remind ourselves to look up. It is a vertical city.

Prayer cards at the temple in the Yoyogi Park. The cards are hung to a tree and collected by the monks and nuns each day who then present them to the priests.

2. Awesome Wedding Anniversary

in Shibuya. It's just fun to say it.

Ordering dinner on my touch screen menu. I am totally guessing. No letters just characters.

1. Sushi - We ate it every day.

And last but not least, an honorable mention goes to the Ghibli Museum in the suburb of Mitaka. I just loved it.

Standing with the Iron Giant in the roof top garden.


scang111 said...

I guess we didn't tell you guys about our day in Narita. First of all it was raining. Hard. We bought an umbrella and walked to the temple. We spent 5 minutes there and then decided to walk to the mall. By the time we got there we were soaked and the die from my green shoulder bag had gotten all over my sweater! We had a $10 sushi lunch, walked around, had another snack and coffee. Walked around an arcade and a Sanrio store. Experienced the fancy toilets - a little intimidating :) Then headed back to the airport for another snack - noodle soup - before getting on the plane. Next time we'll have to do Tokyo.

Matt said...

Man, that looks like a ton of fun.
Did you get to see the subway when it was packed (literaly)?

I guess your next post will be when you're in Thailand (hopefull)?