Thursday, November 20

Northern Queensland Coast

(see map) trin: After saying goodbye to our friends in Cairns, we rented a car and headed north to Cape Tribulation, where the Great Barrier meets the shore and the hills are covered with ancient rain forests.

On the drive up there are beautiful beaches everywhere but due to jellyfish and crocodiles, swimming is highly discouraged.

There are also warning signs for Cassowaries, giant prehistoric like birds. If they wanted to, they could kill you. A little scary when hiking in their natural territory.

The rain forest canopy in Daintree National Park.

I know we are all suppose the love the rain forest and I do. But, I have come to realize that I just don't like hiking in it. Its hot and sticky. There are vines and stumps to trip on. Unlike our house plants, all the palms have thorns. Not to mention, the numerous bugs and spiders.

Tarzan - Ahahh...

Mike hanging around.

A pit stop at the Mossman Gorge. I love swimming in the river and sitting on a hot rock in the sun. It instantly takes me back to my teens.

On our way down the coast we stayed in Port Douglas, a chic chic tourist town.  At the marina, we enjoyed the sunset over a bucket of shrimp.

Other than that, we didn't really do much. Mike planned out the remainder of our time in Australia.  I read by the pool and we strolled around the town like good tourists.

Its long beach is mostly deserted with the exception of the immediate area around the stinger net which keep the potentially deadly jellyfish out.

Wading out, it feels a bit like a kiddie pool.

Between Cairns and Port Douglas is Trinity Beach. 

Mike cruising on the other side. After all the long drives in Australia, he's now comfortable on the left side but fears he'll be messed up when we get home.

We continued south to Airlie Beach, the starting point for visits out to the Whitsunday Islands. There is an awesome free lagoon where families and backpackers lounge along side one another.

I was impressed by all the parks and facilities in Australia. Everything is really well maintained and clean which is great for me.

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