Friday, February 15

Buenos Aires, Argentina

(t) Don´t Cry for Me Argentina...

Plazo de Mayo and the Casa Rosada (Pink House). We didn´t do much research prior to arriving in Buenos Aires. All of my prior knowledge was based on the musical Evita. The first day we headed to the Casa Rosada where the baloncy scenes for the movie were filmed. In real life the building serves as the presidential office and the square is still the sight of ralleys and protests. Although, it was pretty quiet the day we visited.

Mike crossing Avenida 9 de Julio. The Obelisco de Buenos Aires is in the distance.
Trin playing tour guide at the Plaza de los Dos Congresos. While reading the description of plaza a pigeon crapped on my head. I guess he didn´t like the tour.

Obelisco de Buenos Aires

The following day we visited three neighborhood. We used a walking tour book that we picked up at the i. It worked out great and we saw a majority of the city on foot.

La Boca is the colorfully painted neighborhood. The buildings were originally painted bright colors because the inhabitants used the leftover paint from the ships in the adjacent harbor.

San Telmo was another neighborhood we visited. This is an example of a typical street.

Puerto Madera is the newest neighborhood in Buenos Aires. There was alot of big construction in progress. It had a manufactured feeling. We passed a Friday´s and Hooters on the same block. Not what comes to mind when you think of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires has a very different schedule. We could not figure out when the people sleep. The restaurants fill up around 10pm. People typically start a night out at 12am or later.

Mike in the Jardin Japones. The city parks were extensive and popular.

The Recoleta Cemetery was impressive. It did remind me of the acid scene in Easy Rider. (I never really got that movie.)

Some of the mausoleums were so elaborate.

Eva Peron's final resting place.

Tango Show.

Farewell dinner in Palermo. We ate red meat and enjoyed a bottle of Malblec. Yum...

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