Monday, October 6

Trekking in Nepal

Namaste - 

We'll be out of touch for the next ten days, trekking in the Annapurna sanctuary. Our plan - Annapurna Base Camp and back. 

We'll catch you up on all of our Nepal adventures when we return. Hope all is well at home. 

Mike & Trin


Manoj Sharma said...
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Karly said...
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Sezmo said...

Mountain flight (Buddha Air) was just breathtaking.
We nearly touched the Everest with our hands from the cockpit !!!
You must not miss it.
It was great meeting you in Bandipur.
Waiting to read about your trek.
Ramez – Lebanon

scang111 said...

I am so jealous of where you are right now... relish in the experience!

(Of course, I like to think that you're jealous of me here sitting on my couch :) )'re missing the melt down of our economy. What a great time to be out of touch!