Wednesday, November 26

Happy Thanksgiving from Down Under

If we were ever going to be homesick, today is the day. We love turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy and spending time with family.


At the same time, we are having a blast down here. New posts coming soon. Miss you all. 


Mike & Trin 



AlanaJo said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

robyn said...

Happy Thanksgiving you two! Did you try and find something close to a Thanksgiving meal down there?

Juice UP!! said...

Hi Mike and Trin,

I hope both of you still enjoying your trip!!

I came across your blog and found that it is really cool! My last trip was in May'08,a 3 month-backpacker-trip to Europe.

Currently I am planning to visit Taman Negara with my boyfriend. (Shame on me, I am a Malaysian!)but since my bf is not so I think he will like the rain forest!

I have some questions regarding to Tmn Negara,if you don't mind to help me,I will ask you next time!

All the best!

Ai Loon.