Friday, November 28

Sydney, Australia

(see map) trin: We stayed in Sydney's Potts Point, an ideal location for visiting the sights. While we hit the main points of interest, we spent a majority of our time just walking around the city, window shopping and lounging at cafes & restaurants. I have to admit that we are starting to lose steam and are looking forward to our homecoming.

The famous Coca Cola sign at Kings Cross which is an iconic landmark in Sydney, similar to the Hollywood Sign or Billboards in Time Square.

The first day we set out on foot towards Woolloomooloo Bay.

From there we move onto the Royal Botanical Gardens.

The gardens are extensive and we spent most of the morning wandering around which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have to give Mike credit. He has been a good sport while visiting all the botanical gardens on our trip. When the lunch hour rolled around he was off the hook. Joggers flooded the foot paths and we moved onto the famous Opera House.

Some of the 1,056,006 glossy tiles that cover the Opera House roof.

Although there was a sign saying do not climb, the ten-year-old in Mike could not resist. After several attempts we captured his jump on film and took off before we got kicked out.

That afternoon we walked through a few more neighborhoods: The Rocks, Central Sydney and Darling Harbour.

The following day we took a Sydney Harbor Cruise. 

The Prime Minister's house. We were surprised by the location (right on the harbor) and the general lack of security. Very different from our White House.

After the cruise we took public transport to the Sydney Fish Market where we bought some fresh sushi and a bottle of wine which we enjoyed on the picnic tables along the water. In Australia it was common to see people drinking a glass of wine or beer with lunch. Having entered the work force post the three martini lunch, we prudishly found this a little shocking.

Following our leisurely lunch we walked through the bohemian neighborhood, Glebe where I got my hair cut. Nothing big. Just a trim.

It was an unconventional Thanksgiving Day which we wrapped up with dinner at street side cafe.

The following day it was really stormy out. So, we skipped Bondi Beach and the zoo. Instead, we took the day off and watched movies. The only thing missing was the turkey day leftovers. Feeling lazy that evening we took a long walk back to The Rocks for a pint at the highly recommended Lord Nelson's Brewery.

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alison donahue said...

Yay Lord Nelson's Brewery!! Glad you got to see it. Which pint did you have? I loved the Lord Nelson's blood.