Thursday, May 15

Durmitor NP, Montenegro

(see on map) trin: Getting to Durmitor National Park in Montenegro from Sarajevo was one of our biggest transport challenges. We asked several people and all were relucutant to help and one man at the main bus termincal practicaly threw us out. We think this was due to the fact that Montengro has just recently suceeded (on friendly terms) from Serbia, Bosnia's advisary during the three seige of Sarajevo. With the help of Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree, we eventually figured out a bus route. We traveled south to Niksic and then back up to Zabljak, the base for Durmitor National Park.

Waiting for our bus connection.

Crno Lake in the National Park. Imagine Yoesemite with no people. We literally saw six hikers the whole day.

Another cool thing about the park is that you can walk to it from the town. Here's a shot taken on our walk home.

We rented a small apartment and felt like we got a taste of life in old Eastern Europe. We had never seen a wood burning oven in an apartment before.

But, it did have a small washer in the bathroom. Cha Ching! It was covered and had stuff stack on top but we hooked it up anyways. Hey, laundry in Europe isn't cheap. I am just watching the cycles go by.

Hanging laundry in the kitchen. I eventually devised a drying system that involved laying the clothes on top of the heater and flipping them every few minutes.

We did have a television but the only thing on was imported spanish novellas. So, we spent the evenings playing rummy. In the photo above I just "Boom Shocked" (Tamblin term) Mike really bad. It was great.

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