Thursday, May 8

Hvar & Korcula, Croatia

(see on map) mike: We read no Croatia trip is complete without a visit to one of the nearby islands. The two most popular are Hvar and Korcula. Hvar has more of a youthful party scene while Korcula is quiet and romantic. After a couple of hung over mornings in Split, we opted for a day trip to Hvar and then a couple of nights stay in Korcula.

Hvar had an early season feel vibe. Hotel staffers were dusting off lounge chairs and prepping for what must be a happening tourist season come June.

We hiked up to the hilltop castle overlooking town then strolled along the harbor.

The harbor, hilltop castle in the top of the photo.

This strange looking ferry provided fast and smooth transport to Korcula but not before we finished up another capacino, we gota be passed 50 by now.

Korcula also has a walled old town complete with turrets on the corners and narrow carless cobblestone streets between cream stone buildings on the interior.

The weather was cooperating with mid 70s temperatures and sunny skies so we caught a local bus out to the nearby Lumbarda Beach, much to our hostel owner's surprise (“too cold!” He said). The bus dropped us about .5 mile away. The vineyard lined sandy road was as scenic as the beach itself. The water was definitely cool but bearable. I (Trin flaked) was happy to finally enjoy the Adriatic we had been admiring from the shore for the last couple of weeks.

Working on a much needed tan.

Moments later, I thought my neck was burning (it was) and dawned this t-shirt for stylish protection.

We caught the early bus/ferry back to the mainland, getting us up at sunrise. Rare for us, I really enjoy sleeping in.

New Town (outside the walls) Korcula with morning sun.

A fisherman hand lining.

Korcula in the morning was beautiful but I must admit, just like ancients ruins in Peru and glaciers in Patagonia, the walled towns of Croatia (#6 so far) are starting to lose a bit of their charm. Hopefully Dubrovnik, the mother of walled Croatian towns, will revitalize our perspective.

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