Monday, May 5

Split, Croatia

(see on map) trin: We took the scenic route down the coast towards Split

passed Primosten (above) and stopped for the afternoon in Trogir.

We explored the old part of the city. In other words, within the walls.

I am not a CSI person and I hope don't often those of you who are but the way David Caruso puts on his sunglasses and delivers his lines... Its so bad. Its comical. But, we couldn't get away from this guy. I guess CSI is popular worldwide.

Walking along the port side of the town.

Where there are walled cities, there are gelaterias. Is it wrong to eat gelato before noon? On a Sunday?

Another hour east and we made it to Split. For some reason, we don't have that many pictures. But, it is a cool town we just didn't capture it.

The Gregory of Nin statue outside the east main gate.

Mike rubbing his big toe for good luck.

Cooking a stew-like Croatian dish in the hostel kitchen. Mike calls this picture DJ Trin. He thinks it looks like I am spinning records.

Our hostel floor. I often say, “Just because we live in hotels, doesn't mean we can be slobs.” In Split we were slobs.

The daily fish market near our hostel. There was also a bakery, a butcher, a cured meat shop and a produce market. Mike visited the local barber shop around the corner where the barber smoked inside between fresh shaves.

Split has a party side too. There are bars and clubs lining the beach south of town and some great bars tucked away within the walls. Again, we were there a little early in the season but things were starting to pick up. Here we started seeing college students traveling in packs.

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robyn said...

I often say, “Just because we live in hotels, doesn't mean we can be slobs.”

Oh Trin, I miss you!